Human-ities Seminar

The merit humanities seminar is a great class! And it is definitely possible, even through the essay tests. Essay tests can be really hard, but they are definitely doable. I have been in this class 3 years and in varying and so far so good. I have learned so much from this class. Any living human can do this and it will come out with a good experience. But everyone in this class is super-human. After this class comes out with better learning skills. This past week we did a practice essay, and I had the chance to read a couple of the students essays, and the were super good. As long as we all had good notes it was a real breeze. We had such a good group and because we are all human, we all had different, good ideas for each others ideas. This class is doable though. The ninth and eight graders almost have one hundred percent turn in, the seventh graders need to step it up though. But if you need help the good part is that you can get it. Everyone in the class are great contributors and will help you if you need it.

Sam Michelsen
Jr High Humanities Seminar
October 8th, 2012


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