Jorge’s first blog

Funny fact número UNO, if you say a word to many times it sounds unnatural.

I’m in class when I realize, Miss. Newman is MISSING!!!! I’m amazingly curious as for the whereabouts of Joni Newman. I ask everyone except Duffin. The one person who would tell me in an instant, but no I had to ask everyone but him. I don’t know why I didn’t do the most sense able thing and just go ask duffin. Now the mystery is lead on by my stupidity, in the midst of my investigation, I realize I should ask another sevey but they wouldnt know. So I furthered my investigation I looked in her office. Which was in my opinion useless. In hinesight I did know deceives use all information, so that’s what I was doing. But was a amazing waist of time, well the whole investigation was also a waist of time. When I got to humanities I asked duffin where newman was he said sick, and that ended my investigation.


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