I bet a lot of you have already watched this before but if you haven’t i really recommend you guys to.

This video was about a teacher who wanted to prove points about prejudice and racism. This was after the assassination of Martin Luther King,Jr. The teacher started by telling the students that blue eyed people were better than brown eyed people. She treated them differently and gave them different privileges and made brown eyed people feel like they were so different and stupid. Next day she switched them. Now blue eyed people were different away from brown eyed people who are good.

I really think this teacher was very brave at that time to do this experiment and it was very smart of her. She didn’t just tell them that racism is bad. She made them feel it so that they can actually know what it feels to be treated differently. For those kids it made them see the whole view of “racism” differently. This video was way impacting on me and I hope you guys will take time to watch it.

By Judy Son


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