A positive attitude when it comes to reading

Lord of the Flies is a book that makes you ask yourself hard questions. This may be why some people have a negative attitude about the book, however every book has something to learn from and Lord of the Flies is full of opportunities to do so. This book makes the reader confront some unpleasant facts about human nature like, what would they do if they were in the same situation stuck on an island not knowing if they would ever make it home or if they would even survive? What is the right answer to that question or is there a right answer?  Even though we may not be stuck on an island or pushed to such drastic measures, that doesn’t mean the book can’t be applied to our life.  We can ask ourselves…what character would I be? Would I stand out and be a leader or more of an intellectual?  Reading Lord of the Flies can be a great opportunity to learn but it is dependent on our attitude staying positive and trying to get the most out of the book. Our attitude is what will make this a great reading opportunity.

Seanne Hiatt


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