Don`t take Things for Granted

In today’s world, we have many thing that we use and never really take the time to appreciate. We have internet, electricity, television, mobile phones, dishwashers, ovens and so much more. What if you’re watching television and it goes blank? What if you’re doing a research paper and your computer loses power? (Heaven forbid you use a book as your source of information.) What if you brake an arm during finals week? If you have not been in a situation where something that you are really dependent on does not work, you are not truly grateful for it.

My own experience with this happened several weeks ago when I temporarily lost the thing, like most other kids my age, take for granted the most: my parents. While they were away on vacation, I came to appreciate how much they do for me. Between my school and social life, I also had to make my own meals, keep the house clean, get myself places, and just tons more. I don’t even want to mention trying to keep peace in the house among my siblings and me. I had little enough time as it was, but on my own, there was no “me-time” whatsoever. Those ten days that they were gone were possibly the ten hardest days of my life. I guess now I have something to look forward to when I become a (poor) college student working and living on my own. You kids out there should, please turn around and tell your parents right now how much you appreciate them. Also, remember to always appreciate all that you have in your life today.

-Spencer Bailey


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