WYWG 2/6/13

What we did:

  •  Bellwork: Devotional
  • HS – Finish reviewing the inventions for the research paper, begin introduction to Chosen
  • JR – Introduction to the outline for the final paper, work time on the inventions paper.
  • Both: The story of Cain and Abel, intro to the story of Joseph of Egypt
  • Both: Mrs. Moody and Mrs. Young presented their proposals for the grant.

What you need to get:

  •  Notes from class discussions that you missed (especially on the Bible stories)
  • HS: Pick up the Chosen reading schedule – your first reading is due on Monday
  • Jr: Pick up your copy of the outline for the paper.

What you need to do:

  •  Make up your devotional
  • Both: You need to start picking your topic for the research paper!

What is due?:

  • HS: Night responses are due on Monday
  • HS: Chosen ch 1 due on Monday
  • JR: You need to have your invention selected and begin brainstorming the problems you can use the invention to solve.

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