WYWG, 3/8/13

What we did:

  • Bellwork (HS): What are your final thoughts on Chosen?
  • Bellwork (Jr): What have you accomplished so far in school this year?  What do you still want to learn/accomplish?  How are you growing?
  • Both: Introduction to Greece
  • Both: Revised rubric for the research paper
  • HS: Finish Chosen discussion, pass out test, work time for test
  • Jr: Work time on revising the Rough Draft 

What you need to get:

  •  Both: Notes from discussions you may have missed
  • Copy of the revised rubric
  • HS: Copy of the test

What you need to do:

  •  Jr: Continue working on your research paper.  Come and see us if you have any questions.  

What is due?:

  • HS: Test due Monday for 10% bonus, Wednesday for 5%, Monday the 18th for regular credit
  • JR: Final draft of your research paper due 3/18
  • HS: If you would like to order Life of Pi through the school, bring $10 to the office and bring us your receipt by 3/18

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