WYWG 3/18/13

What we did:

  • Bellwork: If you could design the perfect school, what would it include?  Consider both the building and the curriculum.
  • Read Aristotle’s “Politics”
  • HS: Work time on the research paper
  • JR: Review Commonly Confused Words 

What you need to get:

  •  Both: Notes from class discussion, especially on “Politics”

What you need to do:

  • Turn in any late work ASAP 

What is due?:

  • HS: Rough draft of research paper due on Friday, final draft on 3/29
  • HS: Please have a copy of The Life of Pi ready to go by the end of the month – your first reading assignment will be due on the Monday after spring break.
  • JR: Separate Peace ch. 2 on Wednesday

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