WYWG: 3/20/13

What we did:

  • Bellwork: Devotional
  • Reminder: Devotional doesn’t have to be major life changing events – it just needs to be something that mattered to you in the last week.  It can be big or small, it can be something that might matter to others or would only matter to you – it’s just something that gave your life meaning in the last week.
  • Discussion on Aristotle’s “Politics”
  • JR: Separate Peace quiz and discussion
  • HS: work time on the research paper 

What you need to get:

  • Jr: Notes on the discussion of Separate Peace
  • Both: “Politics” discussion notes 

What you need to do:

  •  Jr: Schedule time to re-take your quiz

What is due?:

  • Jr: Read ch. 3 for Friday
  • HS: Rough draft of your paper due Friday
  • HS: Final draft of your paper due 3/29/13
  • HS: Please have a copy of The Life of Pi ready for spring break – your first reading assignment is due on the Monday following the break

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