WYWG – 3/22/13

What we did:

  • Bellwork: What classes, if any, should be required in a high school?
  • HS Seminar: Work time on the research paper and the medieval timeline
  • JR Seminar: Separate Peace Ch 3 Quiz and Discussion
  • JR Seminar: Work time on the medieval timeline 

What you need to get:

  •  Jr: Notes on the discussion

What you need to do:

  • Make sure your timeline pieces are cleared by the coordinator in your class.  Check the spelling, make sure it is big enough for the wall, printed and cut nicely, etc. 

What is due?:

  • HS: make sure you have your copy of The Life of Pi ready to go by the end of next week.  Your first reading assignment for that book will be due the Monday after break.  If you don’t have/can’t find a book, let us know now.  We can help!
  • HS: The final draft of your research paper is due on the 29th.  It needs to include your rubric, the paper itself, and the bibliography/works cited page.
  • JR: S.P. Chapter 4 due Monday
  • Both: Timeline will be going up on Wednesday.  Have your pieces ready to go.

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