WYWG 12/4/13

What we did:

  • Devotional
  • Finished reading the Khaled Hosseini reading from And the Mountains Echoed (HS)
  •  Passed out the test
  • Project work time/Test work Time

What you need to get/do:

  • Pick up a copy of the test
  • If you have not signed up for a project assignment, please come see Mr. Duffin and Miss Newman

What is due?:

  • Test: 10% Bonus if turned in on Monday by 4:00 PM, 5% if turned in on Tuesday by 3:30 PM, On time is Wednesday by 3:30 PM.
    • Note the time change: this is due to a SWAT team being in the building to run drills.  We have to clear the building by 3:30 PM.  Sorry!
  • Junior High: Timeline pieces are due on the wall by the end of class on Wednesday