ALA Fusion

WYWG: 3/26/14

What we did:  Devotional (Due today!) Amendment Test SAGE practice in the computer lab (you can practice yourself at home by visiting and selecting “Training Test”) What you need to get: JR: We passed out the free-reading… Read More

WYWG: 3/24/14

What we did:  Bellwork: What skill/task would you like to improve in yourself? HS: Review Commonly Confused Words list, begin reading Federalist Papers JR: Final amendment review, begin presenting Hiding Place projects What you need to get: HS: notes from the Federalist… Read More

WYWG: 3/17/14

What we did: Bellwork: What would you most like to practice (so that you can get better at that skill/thing?) HS: Put amendment assignment up on the wall, begin watching Mr. Smith Goes to Washington JR: Finish You Can’t… Read More

WYWG: 3/7/14

What we did:  Bellwork #6 – (Turn it in!): HS – What advice would you give the Count in moving forward at the end of the book?  JR – What is the best book you have ever read?… Read More

What we did:  Devotional Constitution discussion HS: Count of Monte Cristo discussion and Article discussion Jr: R&R day What you need to get:   Notes on the missed discussion What you need to do:   Turn in any… Read More

WYWG 3/4

What we did:  Bellwork #5: What’s the most profound thing you’ve experienced recently? Both: Constitution notes – the Amendments HS: Book quiz and discussion JR: Research work time/DWA (8th grade) What you need to get:  Both: Notes on… Read More

WYWG: 2/26/14

What we did:  Devotional HS: CofMC discussion, leukemia article discussion Both: Constitution test Jr: Research Paper work time What you need to do:  Both: Schedule time to make up your Constitution test What is due?: Reading Book money… Read More