WYWG: 4/14/14

What we did: 

  • Bellwork – Turn in Today : What was the most creative thing you did over spring break? (Also – happy palindrome week!)
  • History notes (HS: 1820s-1840s, JR: Articles of Confederation)
  • HS: Light Between Oceans book discussion
  • JR: Read Giver 1-2 as a class

What you need to get:

  • Notes that you missed
  • JR: Pick up the Giver 1-2 assignment

What you need to do: 

  • Catch up on your reading

What is due?:

  • HS: Read Ch. 14-16 for Wednesday and bring a discussion question
  • JR: Your 1/4 book check is Friday.  Make sure you have your book with you!