WYWG: 5/5/14

What we did: 

  • JR: SAGE Test all class period.  No bellwork or other activities.
  • Bellwork (HS): What did you think of the end of the book?
  • HS: Light Between Oceans written response, Finished “Civil Disobedience”

What you need to do: 

  • HS: Respond to the following question in a 1-2 page written response.  It does not need to be terribly formal, but it does need to be well intentioned and focussed:
    • “Relate the symbol of (pick one of the following: light/lighthouses, PTSD, Janus Rock, OR the island/isolation) as used in the book to either a personal experience or something you have witnessed in the world with your family/friends/the news.  How does your understanding of this symbol change or impact the way you judge/perceive/see/analyze that experience?”

What is due?:

  • All late work due Friday unless otherwise arranged.
  • HS: B.O.R assignment due Wednesday
  • Jr: Giver worksheets
  • All: Keep working on your final project!