WYWG: 8/21/14

What we did:

-Bellwork introduction (come talk to us or talk to a neighbor if you’re new to bellwork so that you know what to do). 

Prompt #1: Is it/why is it important to understand and interact with people that see things differently than you?

HS: Personality tests and introduction to the 20% Project

What you need to get:

-HS: Pick up a copy of the 20% Project packet, read it, and come see us for help

What you need to do:

Due by Friday!

-Personality Tests: 

If you missed taking the personality tests, please take them by clicking on the links below.  Then, report your results by following the “Personality Report” link on the top left of this screen.  Note that you should be able to get results without submitting any emails or personal information.

16 Personalities/Myers Briggs

Love Languages

Color Code

-Student Information Form – you can find this link at the top of the website.  

What is due?:

See “What you need to do” section above

-If you don’t have your technology waiver or student information form in, those are due for Friday.  Let us know if you have questions.

-Your first Weekly Report is due by Monday afternoon.  The link is up on the website and available for you to fill it out now – don’t procrastinate – do it now!