WYWG: 8/22/14

What we did:
Bellwork: In order to really understand you well, what are the things people should know about you?

-The Sorting

-House Activity

What you need to get:
-Pick up any worksheets you haven’t quite gotten to this week, and if you didn’t get a school picture day packet, pick one up from the office.

What you need to do:
-Submit your student information sheet by Monday

-If you haven’t finished your personality tests, make sure you get that done – you can find that information on the WYWG page for the last class

-HS Class: Turn in your field trip permission forms

-Jr: Don’t procrastinate on getting your books!  The Wonderful Wizard of Oz will not have dozens of copies in book stores, so order it in advance or reserve a copy through us/buy a copy through us

What is due?:

– Jr: Wizard of Oz!  You need your copy by September 8th.

-All: Make sure you get your student information/technology waiver/personality tests done

-All: Weekly reports are due by Monday afternoon!