WYWG: 8/25/14

What we did:
-JR Caught Ya: every day in this spot you will be regaled with a sentence or 2 from the revised tragic tale of romeo and juliet 2 star crossed lovers of long ago

-HS Caught Ya: this is the story of a battle of the sexes of 2 love affairs fraught with obstacles and of chicanery.  its a romantic comedy set in messina italy centuries ago when men held all the power and women were subjugated to there will

-NOTE: Come see us (or talk to someone who was here) for information on how to do the Caught Yas.

-Finished sortings

-Groups: Set up blogs/Edmodo accounts, introduce houses video and Ed Catmull reading

What you need to get:
-Notes on what you need to do for the Caught Ya

What you need to do:

-Set up your blog/edmodo account – come in and we can help you with this!

What is due?:

-Jr: You need access to your book by September 8th.  Don’t procrastinate getting your copy!!

-All: If you haven’t turned in your student information form, it is now late! – but you should still turn it in.

-HS: Have you been working on/brainstorming for your 20% project?