WYWG: 8/28/14

What we did:
-Devotional Introduction

-HS Caught Ya: the convoluted soap opera of piece battles begins at the end of a foiled rebellion. don pedro prince of aragon spain had just defeated his amoral half brother don john. the latter had been the malefactor who staged the rebellion.

-Brief Myers Briggs Lesson

-Introduction to the presidents assignment and the 20th Century

-Introduction to Creative Non-Fiction

What you need to get:

-Talk to your house about what your assignment is for the presidents assignment

What you need to do:

-Turn in any late work you have ASAP

-Study the presidents

What is due?:

– Keep thinking about your 20% project and get any late information forms in

-Your next Weekly Report is due Monday (even though it’s a holiday!)

-Field trip on Friday!