WYWG: 9/2/14

What we did:
-Bellwork: When, if ever, should the government step in and help fix social issues?  Be specific.

-C’YA #3: don petro and 2 of his gallants claudio a stalwart stripling from florence italy and benedick of padua italy were returning home from war. when they reached messina italy they were to become the guests of leonato the governor of messina

-Introduction to the economy and social issues of the Gilded Age

-Finished Non-Fiction introduction and “My Room” free write

What you need to get:

-Notes from a friend on the Gilded Age

What you need to do:

Non Fiction Idea List

-Make a list of things that go with the categories listed here – do not censor yourself.  Write everything that comes to mind (even if you list it more than once).  Write for about a minute for each category – time yourself!

Categories: 1. Things that interest you.  2. Things you’re obsessed with.  3. Things that worry you.  4. Things you’re afraid of.  5. Things that concern you.

After you are done making your lists, underline those things that you mentioned more than once.  (Often things you can’t get off your mind have some pretty good stories attached to them.)  Then, go through and star everything in your lists that has a good story attached that you could tell.

We didn’t turn this in, but the lists will be useful to you when you start coming up with your final writing project for this quarter.

My Room Write:

Think about your room – pick three aspects of your room that have a story attached to them and write at least one paragraph for each of the three points you have picked.  Consider the things in your room you like and that you don’t like.  Do you share a room?  How much say did you have over the decor?  Consider how clean your room is, how well you take care of the objects or parts of your room you describe, etc.  What you describe will suggest a lot about who you are – so don’t just list a description – tell the story.

What is due?:

– My Room write was due at the end of class.  If you were gone, take about a half an hour to free-write about the topic and turn it in.  It can be typed or handwritten.  If you type it, please print it out before you turn it in.

– Have you created your Edmodo account yet?

– Have you submitted your student information sheet and technology waiver yet?

– Study the presidents!

– Weekly Report will be up again next Thursday.  Don’t miss it – it counts this time!