WYWG: 9/4/14

What We Did: 

-Bellwork: What is the value of humor?

-C’Ya #4: leonato had a comely daughter that was named hero. not only was hero beautiful but she was dulcet and virtuous as well

-Fun Friday

-“Bambi Nuggets

– Economics lesson


– Brief introduction to Braintrusts

What You Need to Get:

You will definitely need notes on Economics terms – we will be referring to these notes all year

– You should also get some notes from a friend or talk to someone about what a braintrust is – it’s not the same as brainstorming!

What You Need to Do:

– If you haven’t created an Edmodo account yet, you need to!

What’s Due:

-Keep preparing for your 20% project and the President’s Quiz

-Your weekly report is due on Monday.