WYWG: 9/5/14

What We Did: 

Bellwork: What is the value of humor?

Jr Caught Ya: when the two girls arrived at the mall they encountered some other classmates from there school

HS Caught Ya: leonato had a comely daughter that was named hero. not only was hero beautiful but she was dulcet and virtuous as well

Jr: – Introduction to types of conflict in a story, “No Rest for the Weary” by John Spargo

HS: – Idea brainstorm and My Name assignment, Introduction to Braintrusting

What You Need to Get:

– Jr: Get notes on types of conflict and a copy of the article we read in class – you may also want to get notes from a neighbor on that article

– HS: Come see Miss Newman about making up the brainstorming activity, talk with Mr. Duffin or Miss Newman about braintrusting

What You Need to Do:

– Jr: Keep studying for the Presidents quiz

What’s Due:

– Both: Weekly Report is due on Monday

– Do you have any late assignments to turn in?

HS: My Name assignment: 

You’re meant to write about your name – any aspect of your name – first name, last name, middle name, nick name – the name you wish you had, the nick name you don’t like. . . whatever.  The goal is to tell a story.  So you’re not really writing about your name – you’re writing a story that involves your name, or a story that your name inspires somehow.  Consider name meaning, who you were named for, why your parents picked your name, etc.  


-It should be about 300 words.

– It can be hand written or typed – but we need a hard copy.  Please don’t email.

– Due Monday

– This can be a very rough writing assignment – a first draft is fine.  Don’t spend more than half an hour or so (unless you really like the assignment and want to explore.)  Just know that this assignment will be graded on completion.  Put lots of your personality into it – have fun!