WYWG: 9/8/14

What We Did: 

-Bellwork: What is the most interesting thing you’ve learned so far this school year?

-Jr. Caught Ya: helena ophelia miranda cordelia and cressida lets all go shopping cried exultant juliet 

-HS Caught Ya: in addition to his dulcet virtuous daughter leonato was also rearing his only niece the witty beatrice. she was as caustic as her cousin hero was dulcet

**Jr. Humanities turned in their bellwork/caught yas**

-JR: Basic introduction to the economy and time to study for the Presidents test, Introduction to Oz and reading in class

-HS: Continue reading The Book of the Dead and finish Braintrust discussion, Introduce “What You Wanted” assignment and begin reading the Red Ryder essay

What You Need to Get:

Notes from a neighbor on the lessons you missed

What You Need to Do:

-If you don’t have an Edmodo account or picture yet – get one ASAP!  We’re going to start using these accounts soon.

-JR: turn in your bellwork and Caught Ya papers.  Please staple them (once) neatly in the top left corner

What’s Due?:

-JR: Finish reading through chapter 3 of The Wizard of Oz for Wednesday, keep studying for your Presidents quiz

-HS: We talked about upcoming 20% Project deadlines.  Come see us (or a neighbor) for a list

-HS: Writing assignment: 

Theme: Write about a time when you got what you wanted – was it everything you thought it would be or not?

-3/4-1 page long, can be hand written or typed.  If you do type, please don’t double space and use a normal, 12 point font

-Due Friday

-Can be rough – go to town if you want to, but it’s just a draft.  Don’t stress!