WYWG 9/12/14

What We Did:

-Bellwork: What superhero power do you want?  What superhero power is the most useless?

-JR C’YA: yes lets said cressida i have a plethora of money to spend on clothes this month ill bet you do groaned helena

-HS C’YA: on the momentous day when are tail commences leonato received a letter from don pedros messenger it read

-JR: Presidents review, Wizard of Oz reading time

-HS: Sign up for 20% Braintrust time, Stream of Thought writing, Book of the Dead

What You Need to Do:

-HS: Stream of Thought writing assignment (see below)

-HS: Talk to your house for information on when you are going to be presenting your 20% project in a braintrust

What You Need to Get:

HS: Get notes from a classmate on The Book of the Dead

-Jr: Do you have your cheat sheet for the Presidents quiz?

What’s Due:

-Weekly Report!

-JR: Read through chapter 9 of Wizard of Oz

-Stream of Thought assignment: Write for 30 minutes.  You can handwrite or type, either way is fine, just don’t every stop writing.  Whatever thought comes into your head is valid.  If you’re in the middle of a story and your brain heads off in some other random direction – let it.  Don’t worry about spelling or grammar or whether or not what you say makes sense or is interesting at all – just WRITE.