WYWG: 9/19/14

What We Did: 

Bellwork – What character from The Wizard of Oz do you relate to the most and why?

Caught Ya: after purchasing a red skirt a striped blouse and a pair of pink shorts juliet’s monthly clothing allowance had all been dispersed

-Returned Elements of Fiction Quiz

Wizard of Oz discussion

-Note taking practice with videos of Henry Ford

What You Need to Do: 

– Come pick up your quiz, or schedule a time to take it if you haven’t yet

-Talk to Mr. Duffin about which videos you need to watch and get notes on

-Get notes from a neighbor about our Wizard of Oz discussion

What’s Due?:

– Weekly Report due on Monday

-Read chapters 16-18

-Do you have any late work?

-Your Wizard of Oz test is coming up.  Don’t get behind!