WYWG: 9/25/14

What We Did: 

Bellwork – What went well with the first day of braintrusts?  What was most helpful or constructive for your group?

C’Ya: the messenger that had bought the letter replied without rancor oh sir benedick returns with don pedro and he is as pleasant as ever with his barbs and quips

-Introduction to the fundraising opportunity

-Finish braintrusts

-History work time

-Introduction to/begin reading “The Yellow Wallpaper”

What you need to do:

-Pick up a copy of “The Yellow Wallpaper” from your drawer

-Review step 4 in your 20% packet, which will explain your braintrust reflection, due next Thursday

-You will have your presidents quiz on Tuesday

-You need a copy of The Great Gatsby by October 20th.  If you would like to order a copy through the school, they are $11.  Bring your receipt from the office to us by October 10th if you would like us to order you a copy.  (You can find them for much less money online or at used bookstores.)  If you are going to have trouble getting your book, let us know.

What’s due?: