WYWG: 9/29/14

What We Did:

  • Bellwork: What’s the coolest thing you learned on your own this year (outside of classes)?
  • Jr Caught Ya:
    the 6 girls trekked to the center of the mall.  their might even be dancing said perky helena.  there may be some cute boys added cressida
  • HS Caught Ya: so how many enemys has he killed and eaten in the war when he was last in messina benedick fancied himself an amorous lady killher he feigned love beatrice continued and challenged cupid himself with his disdain for marriage
  • JR: 
    •  Presidents Quiz
    • Test work time/finished the test party!
  • HS:
    • Egypt review time
    • Non-fiction essay review time

What’s Due?:

  • Jr. High: Your Bellwork/Caught Yas were turned in today – get them in!
  • Both: Do you have access to your book yet?
  • High School: Your Egypt quiz is available on Edmodo this week.  You have two hours to complete it once the quiz is opened (so don’t open it and then walk away – take it when you open it!)
  • High School: You need your rough draft of your non-fiction essay for next Monday (October 6th).  You will need three typed, printed copies for your classmates.  12 point font and anonymous, please!