WYWG: 10/9/14

What We Did: 

  • Devotional
  • Caught Ya: ah beatrice my dear caustic niece bide your tongue. he has done good for don pedro. he will be between us soon enough and you can utter youre barbs directly too benedick himself counseled leonato
    • Caught Ya Reminders:
      • You must write out the Caught Ya as correctly as you can the first time.  Don’t insert all the corrections later or the practice won’t be useful.  The goal is to learn to write the sentence right the first time, not to learn editing marks.
  • Revision time on rough drafts of essays
  • 1920s Introduction video and work time

What’s Due: 

  • Your next blog is due by Friday at midnight
  • Your weekly report is now available
  • You have two Edmodo assignments that are now up and are due by next Friday
  • Do you have a copy of Gatsby yet?
  • Late work is due by October 14th
  • Your final essay is due on October 21st