WYWG: 10/10/14

What We Did: 

  • Bellwork: What could you not live without?
  • Caught Ya #15: romeo a dapper young man with many freinds had frozen as well.  he was besotted by the beauty of the girl.  i’m in love mercutio he murmured to his pal
  • Finished watching The Wizard of Oz
  • Notes on 1920s Culture (especially music)
  • Passed back Oz tests

What’s Due: 

  • Weekly Report due 10/13
  • Late Work due 10/14
  • Books: The deadline for needing your book has shifted slightly – if you are ordering a book through class you need to let us know by 10/22.  You will have your first reading assignment due for 11/2.
  • You have a few history assignments on Edmodo to do.