WYWG: 10/20/14

What We Did:

  • Bellwork: Looking back on your first quarter, what have you done that you are happy with?  What skills do you still need to gain/build to be successful this next quarter?
  • Caught Ya #17: romeo and juliet ignored their friends and oscillated to the music.  where do you go to school asked romeo. shakespeare high school replied juliet
  • Finished reading You Can’t Take it With You
  • Notes on the 1920s (1920s film)

What’s Due:

  • The following assignments can still be turned in:
    • Edmodo Quizzes (through Tuesday)
    • Wizard of Oz test (through Wednesday)
  • If you are ordering a copy of Peter Pan through the school, we need your receipt by Wednesday.  If you are providing your own copy, you need it by Halloween.