WYWG: 10/21/14

What We Did:

  • Bellwork: What did you do last quarter that you are happy with?  What skills are you hoping to gain/improve on this next quarter?
  • Caught Ya #15: leonato addressed the messenger you must not sir mistake my niece.  there is a kind of merry war going on among signior benedick and she.  whenever they meet she and him have an exemplary verbal battle of wits worser than 2 lawyers in court
  • Begin reading Ibsen’s A Doll’s House
  • History video on the 1920s/30s

What’s Due:

  • Late Edmodo Quizzes: All due tonight.  No more retakes after tonight!
  • Late essays due no later than Thursday.  They will not be accepted after Thursday!
  • Book money is due tomorrow – if you are planning on ordering a copy of the book from the school, you will need a receipt to us by tomorrow afternoon.