WYWG: 11/7/14

What We Did:

  • Bellwork: What would you consider yourself in charge of?  What responsibilities or privileges do you have because of that?
  • Caught Ya (Jr) 22: juliet you stay away from that rapscallion mrs cpulet said hes from a wierd family
  • Caught Ya (HS) 21: don pedro interjected their is a sparring match. end round one. my dear leonato we will be staying hear at least a month. these 2 will have a plethora of time to farther spar
  • Jr:
    • Read “A Rose for Emily”
    • Peter Pan quiz – schedule time to make it up!
    • Research tips discussion
  • HS:
    • TKM quiz – schedule time to make it up!
    • TKM discussion
    • Confucius assignment

What’s Due:

  • Jr:
    • Weekly Report
    • Chapter 4 is due on Monday
    • New Deal assignment
    • 20s Test
  • HS:
    • Weekly Report
    • Chapters 7-8 due on Monday
    • Blog due tonight at midnight
    • Field Trip forms are due next week on Friday