WYWG 1/20/15

What We Did:

  • Bellwork: Have you ever had goals for yourself that were different than the goals that others had for you?
  • C’Ya #33: although he was defeated don john was by no means powerless.  he was possessed of more knavery then iago that arrant villain that nefariously prayed upon othello
  • Carlos presented his 20% project on Spain
  • Introduction to “The Virgin’s Promise” – another take on the Hero’s Journey
  • Finished WWII notes

What’s Due:

  • Be sure to get notes on the class discussions we had today
  • WWII Music essay was handed out in class today – get a copy and talk with Mr. Duffin for more information
  • Field Trip forms due back ASAP
  • Your roots test is next class period.  Be ready!
  • Do you have Jane Eyre?