WYWG 1/26/15

What We Did:

  • Bellwork: What type of things would you be willing to sacrifice for?  What types of sacrifices are you willing to make?
  • JR Caught Ya #38: juliets parents had also arrived to find their daughter.  never see that swine romeo again they said.  why don’t you go out with that nice boy named paris.  hes rich they added
  • HS Caught Ya: We were on a field trip today – so you don’t have a Caught Ya.  You will have one on Wednesday instead.
  • Jr:
    • Introduction to the Civil Rights “Jigsaw” assignment.
    • Time to work on your weekly report, reading, or your music essay.
  • HS:
    • Time to research Hasidic/Orthodox Judaism, finish reading Night, complete your Weekly Report, or to work on your Philosophy assignment

What’s Due:

  • Jr:
    • Weekly Report
    • World War II Essay
    • WDC chapter 2 for Wednesday
    • Civil Rights “Jigsaw” assignment
  • HS:
    • Weekly Report
    • Philosophy Essay
    • Finish reading Night for Wednesday