WYWG: 1/29/15

What We Did:

  • Bellwork: What is the purpose of societal norms?  Are they useful or not?  When are they; when aren’t they?
  • C’Ya #36: meanwhile at leonatos domicile hero beatrice leonato and his elderly brother antonio are waiting for a masquerade dance to begin. beatrice regaled the assembled company with her idea of the ideal suitor
    • Turned in!
  • Civil Rights vocabulary assignment introduction
  • Jane Eyre discussion

What’s Due:

  • Braintrusts for your 2nd Semester 20% project are next week.
  • Weekly Report due on Monday
  • Jane Eyre ch. 9-11 due on Tuesday
  • Music essay due 2/5
  • We also discussed the Jane Eyre project deadlines and blog deadlines in class today.  If you would like this list, please find a friend or come see us.