WYWG: 2/11/15

What We Did: 

  • Bellwork: How well do you communicate/get along with your parents/guardians?  What goes smoothly and what goes not so smoothly?
  • C’Ya #40: and i dont want anyone that has a beard on his face neither beatrice warmed up to her diatribe. he that has a beard is more than a youth. he which has no beard is less than a man. he that is more than a youth is not for me he that is less then a man i am not for him
  • The Chosen Quiz
    • You will need to schedule some time to make up this quiz with us.  Come ASAP!
  • Book discussion
  • Design a school activity

What’s Due: 

  • Read chapters 8-9 for next Wednesday.  (No school this Friday or next Monday.)
  • SAGE writing test is next Wednesday.  Come prepared!
  • Weekly report is due next week on Tuesday
  • You were given a copy of your current grade report in class today.  You need a signed copy of your report back by next Wednesday or you will be calling home about your grade (no matter your grade).