WYWG: 3/9/15

What We Did: 

  • Bellwork: Do you have anything in your past that (symbolically) haunts you?
  • C’Ya #46: soon the entire crowd was dancing.  benedick whom recognized beatrice danced with her.  beatrice however did not discern benedick who covertly hid behind his mask like d’artagnan
  • Introduction to The Glass Menagerie
  • Project work time

What’s Due: 

  • Test due this week!  Tuesday by 4:00 for 5% bonus, Wednesday by 4:00 PM is on time.  Last tests are accepted on Friday at 3:00 PM.  No tests are accepted after that date.
  • All late work is due by 3:00 PM on Friday.
  • Blog due this Friday (Will go on your 4th quarter grade.)