WYWG: 3/13/15

What We Did: 

  • Bellwork: What are your final thoughts on Warriors Don’t Cry?  Was it worth reading?
  • Caught Ya #49: the next day as arranged by aunt nurse juliet and romeo met at juliets church i want to marry you juliet articulated romeo
  • Finished the Central High School documentary
  • Work time on the Warriors Don’t Cry test

What’s Due: 

  • Late work is due TODAY!
  • Weekly Report due Monday
  • Test deadlines:
    • 10% Bonus if turned in by 4:00 PM on Monday
    • 5% Bonus if turned in by 4:00 PM on Tuesday
    • On time if turned in by 4:00 PM on Wednesday
    • Last time for Procrastination Pass is Thursday at 4:00
    • NOTE: All tests must be turned in as a hard copy.