WYWG: 4/14/15

What We Did: 

  • Bellwork: What goals do you have for the last six weeks of school?  (Be specific, not generic with “get good grades” and “survive”.  What specifically do you hope to accomplish?)
  • C’Ya #51: the 2 infamous varlets cornered claudio and pretending to be fooled by his disguise disseminated there lie that don pedro planed to marry hero tonight
  • Book Thief Quiz
    • You will need to schedule time to make this up
  • Book Thief discussion
  • Gala/Jane Eyre project/Cold War assignment/reading work time

What’s Due: 

  • Read pages 267-303
  • Scholarship applications are due tomorrow
  • Jane Eyre project due on Thursday
  • Cold War project will be due next week