What We Did: 

  • Bellwork: How does (or does) your bedroom represent your personality?
  • C’Ya #67: among those that i know benedick is not the worsest prospect for a husband concluded don pedro. he is honest and meritorious. beatrice should fall in love with him and him with her. if we can pull this off we are truely cupids henchpeople
  • Introduction to writing annotated bibliographies (be sure to pick up the resource you were given in class on this topic)
  • Jekyll and Hyde notes – Classics vs. Romantics (You will want notes on this as well)
  • Introduction to the Colonies in the New World (Notes Notes Notes!)

What’s Due: 

  • This was a heavy note taking day – you will want to get notes from us or from a friend on what you missed
  • Read chapters 3-7 for Thursday
  • There are two Edmodo assignments up for you to do – a J/H quiz due on Monday and a history test due on Thursday of next week.
  • Do you have your first blog post done? What about your second?  You need three done by the end of the first quarter!