1 – My 20% project

For my project I want to donate shoes and books to charities. I might even donate them to Africa or other places across the sea. It all depends if I can find shipping or not. I also need people to give me their shoes and books. It would help if you tell your friends. I am accepting all books but I would prefer picture books. The shoes can be of any size and condition but better conditions are preferred. I am hoping for about 1500 pairs of shoes and 1000 books as the outcome. If I can get this I will be able to supply many  people with an opportunity for literature and nicer feeling feet. I will be satisfied with less but I would appreciate if people gave more. 1500 is my goal and I would like to keep it. I am afraid that I won’t find a place to send it. If you could find other people and options for sending the supplies I would be grateful. Thanks for your help. See ya.