2 – 20% update

Today I received my first shipment of books and shoes! Its so exciting. This shipment came from my aunt Diane. She gave me 132 books! And that is only the start. When more people start donating I will be definitely be able to hit my quota of 1000. Figuratively, I would only need 10 people to donate if they each brought me 100 books each. That is unlikely though but I am still enthusiastic for my first major group of books.

For the shoes, I only received four pairs. But it is still good that I have some to start with. Then if 15 people each brought me 100 pairs of shoes, I would be finished with that! Who new that service and searching through old boxes of books could be so much fun? Me and my dad were having such a blast that it felt like it only took 10 minutes. But is actually took 30. Oh, well. Thanks for the support.