What We Did: 

  • Devotional
  • C’Ya #75: don pedro leonato and claudio clandestinely followed benedick to the park and seeing him hide in a nearby arbor winked at each other and began there discourse
  • Read Pride and Prejudice (Ch. 3-5) as a class and watched episodes 1, 3*,4*, 7, and 8 of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
    • Episodes with a * have some mild swearing.
  • Discussion on grade level vs. life level learning

What You Need to Do: 

  • Chapters 6-10 of Pride and Prejudice are due for Friday.  There will probably be a reading quiz on Monday – make sure you’re prepared.
  • Field trip forms are due by Friday.
  • 20% Project Proposals/Annotated Bibliographies are due no later than Friday.