Books finished

My books are finished! I ended with over six-hundred books and they all went to a worthy donation place. This happens to be… Deseret Industries! Yay. I know what you are thinking, Deseret Industries does not count as a donation place but it does. The more product they have the more people they need so this creates new jobs for people, which is a service. Also It resupplied their book selection which I can testify was lacking. Another bonus.

The reason I actually finished my project was because of my Mom. (Special thanks to her easy way of getting annoyed at clutter.) So I came home from school the other day to find most of my stuff in the hall. She told me that it had to go and so it went. I piled all of my stuff in to the back of the car, (an interesting story for latter) and we zoomed off to Deseret Industries to deliver the biggest small load they had ever seen.

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