Shoes finished!

All of my shoes are gone to! Yay for smelly shoes! This was by far the most annoying part of my project for my Mom as she has a sensitive nose. This was probably the main reason that my project was done so fast. Anyway I ended giving over one hundred shoes to Deseret Industries allowing my project to have a sum total of over eight hundred items!!! My path to completion is complete.(silly fandom’s)

Yup, so I took over one hundred shoes to Deseret Industries. (By the way I am not going to initialize Deseret Industries to DI because I need more words.) I now have an empty room full of nothing but me. Yay for sounding selfish. Adding words, words, words. So I can not tell you about the cool story (more interesting actually) until next blog post because I need three. This has been a Wonderful year and thanks for all of the help given to me by you wonderful people. Adios mi amigos.