So this is my final blog and I will include for the first time a real picture of my project. Yes you heard it folks a real picture! But that will have to be at the end of this post to cause tension and suspense.

So now for the story. It was like any other day. Sunny and blue. The clouds swept peacefully across the sky making you think of taking a nap or maybe reading a good book. But I was busy working.

My Mom had finally had it with all of the clutter in my room and said it was time to “dispose of this mess”. To my surprise and relief my Mom had moved most of my books and shoes into the hallway for me to take to the car. But as any boy who wanted the project to be completed I searched for a quicker way to finish my task. My result involved the car.

Displaying 20160502_190900.jpg

this is my front lawn by the way


As you can probably guess it just went downhill from there. So I borrowed the keys to the van (it has the most storage space after all) and began my adventure. I backed up the car and started driving it across my lawn. When I got to the curb I started backing up again towards the door (2 mph by the way) and hit the tree! The impact of two miles per hour combined with the amazing sustaining power of a sapling tree crushed the side of my car.Displaying 20160502_190242.jpg This impact caused my Mom severe disappointment to myself.


I and the car are now scarred until further operations may be preformed.


I recommend that you open the pictures in new tab to see them. sorry they wont show on the post.