What We Did: 

  • Introduced Caught Ya’s
    • Please write these on a separate paper than your Bellwork.
    • Write each sentence with as many corrections as you can the first time.  Using a different color of pen, write in the editing marks for corrections you missed.
    • We turn them in when we get to 6.
    • You get full credit as long as you follow along and the sentence is 100% correct (when combined with what you got the first time and any corrections you marked with the class.)
  • C’Ya #1: every day in this spot you will be regaled with a sentence or 2 from the revised tragic tale of romeo and juliet 2 star crossed lovers of long ago
  • We read chapter two of Animal Farm
  • We finished reading John Locke


  • Read chapter two of Animal Farm
  • Turn in any field trip forms (make sure the receipt is stapled to the Glass Menagerie form.)
  • Late work?
  • Weekly Report due Tuesday of next week