What We Did: 

  • Devotional
  • C’Ya #7: yes lets said cressida i have a plethora of money to spend on clothes this month. ill bet you do groaned helena
  • Essay test prep – day two, including how to log in to Turnitin.com and passing out the test prompt itself
    • B1/2:
      • Your class code is 13341689 and your password is Fu$ionB12
    • B4/5:
      • Your class code is 13341694 and your password is Fu$ionB45
    • Make sure you come get a copy of the test!
  • Finished notes on the introduction to Virginia

What You Need to Do: 

  • Weekly Report
  • Your test is due on October 17th.  If you turn it in by next Tuesday, you get a 10% Bonus on your score.  If you turn it in by next Wednesday, you get a 5% bonus on your score.
  • Book money?  We need it by Friday!