ALA Fusion


What We Did:  Introduction to Bellwork Bellwork Prompt: What makes your family weird, unique, strange, different, and/or special? We began reading You Can’t Take it With You What You Need to Do:  Talk to a friend or see me… Read More


What We Did:  Devotional C’Ya #11: so how many enemys has he killed and eaten in the war when he was last in messina benedick fancied himself an amorous lady killer he feigned love beatrice continues and challenged… Read More


What We Did:  Devotional C’Ya #10: suddenly over the loudspeaker a voice announced that the band the noisome trio would be playing in the center of the verona mall at 4 o’clock Introduced and started reading You Can’t Take… Read More

WYWG: 10/18/16

What We Did:  We went over class procedures and the disclosure document today.  Come pick up a copy of the disclosure from me as soon as you can. What You Need to Do:  Turn in your student information… Read More

WYWG: 8/18/16

What We Did:  Bellwork: Is it better to have a unified group that works toward a single goal or to allow diversity so that no one is excluded? C’Ya #9: after purchasing a red skirt a striped blouse… Read More