What We Did: 

  • Wild Card Friday
  • Ender’s Game Discussion (Chapters 4-6)
    • If you missed this discussion you need to come get the worksheet and make up those points!
  • 1920s Media lesson

What You Need to Do: 

  • You have a plethora of assignments to take care of:
    • If your Anthem test has not yet been submitted, you need to turn it in as soon as possible.
    • Read Chapter 7 of Ender’s Game for Monday
    • Your Glass Menagerie Essays and 20% Project Proposals are due this next week on Friday (10/28)
    • Your World War I quiz is on Edmodo.  You need to create an account on that website – our class code is uebjnx.  This quiz is open note, and due on the 28th.  (You only have three hours to finish, so make sure you are ready to sit down and finish the test at that time.)