What We Did: 

  • Bellwork: What are you grateful for?
  • C’Ya #17: and when benedick don pedro and claudio the handsome young immature lord of florence italy arrived at leonatos estate leonato invited them to stay. benedick and beatrice began there ususal mordacious repartee
  • 20s project work time
  • Final Ender’s Game discussion and project discussion
    • You will be designing your own 50 point project to demonstrate that you understand and have thought about Ender’s Game.  You can pick a project from the initial project sheet, you can do the essay that we’ve provided, or you can come up with something else.  Other ideas will need to be approved and will need to be worthy of at least 50 points to receive full credit.  If you have any questions, let us know

What You Need to Do: 

  • Final Ender’s Game projects are due on December 5th
  • All late work is due December 13th at 4:00 PM